Earth Day
<iframe width=”870″ height=”489″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> In following up on their stunning Aurora Borealis footage, NASA has unveiled a new clip focusing on Earth. Much like the previous footage, the visual is a part of NASA’s new NASA TV UHD series, in which they are unleashing a collection ultra... Read more
Nas Talks About His Next Album, Hennesy, and More
Nas is an artist who has continually pushed the limits and boundaries throughout his career, which makes his partnership with Hennessy a perfect match. Now, in the fourth year of their partnership, both Hennessy and Nas are looking to take things to the next level with their The Piccards... Read more
Disney Prostethic Limbs for Kids
Prosthetic arms have never been cool or fun for kids to wear, but Disney is helping change that line of thinking in a big way. Disney has teamed up with Open Bionics to create three prosthetic arms designed to look like Iron Man, Frozen’s Elsa, and a Star Wars... Read more
Fossils belonging to a previously unknown species of human relative have been discovered in a cave system northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa, an international team of scientists announced Thursday. The discovery of Homo naledi is expected to shed new light on the human family tree, according to a written... Read more
Will Smith’s New Movie Tackles “Concussion”
When it comes to concussions, the NFL would rather talk about about something else. A movie on that subject starring Will Smith hitting theaters in time for the holidays could make that extra hard. No doubt, Roger Goodell and Co. are hoping it’s another After Earth. And while you... Read more
Weed Helps Heal
A new study takes a look at how marijuana may help heal broken bones. Researchers atTel Aviv University and Hebrew Universityfound that CBD, a non-psychotropic component of marijuana, strengthened fractured bones during their healing process.,, CBD, or,cannabinoid,cannabidiol,,doesn’t make you feel high—it’s different,from THC, the major psychoactive,component in marijuana. Researchers found that when they gave a... Read more
Kids Invent Condoms That Change Color Once In Contact With STDs
What were you doing at the age of 13 and 14? Definitely not thinking of ways to help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. A group of kids invented condoms that changed color once it comes into contact with a sexually transmitted infection. Here are the details via The Independent: Daanyaal Ali, 14, Muaz Nawaz, 13 and... Read more
A-Rod Apologizes

A-Rod Apologizes

The FLYR February 17, 2015 0

Earlier today, a report was released indicating that Alex Rodriguez was thinking about apologizing to his fans for everything that he’s done wrong over the last few years on Derek Jeter‘s website, The Players’ Tribune. And while it seems he decided against going that route, A-Rod didjust issue an apology in the form of... Read more