POTUS x Rihanna “Work”
Need something to help you make it through the rest of the week? Here it is. Check out President Obama singing Rihanna’s “work”. Mashups of the coolest president ever is always dope. Read more
Everybody Needs a Mentor
For the ” My Brother’ Keeper” initiative President Obama teamed up with Stephen Curry to give him some advice on everything from building a volcanoe, connect four, and even a few basketball pointers. Watch the video below and let us know what you think about POTUS and the new... Read more
Freestyle at the White House
Adding to his list of accomplishements that makes him the dopest president ever President Obama helped Lin-Manuel Miranda drop an epic freestyle in the rose garden of the White House. I know republicans went nuts over this but they have enough to worry about with Trump. Watch and enjoy. Read more
Obama x Colbert

Obama x Colbert

The FLYR February 8, 2016 0

President Obama stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk the Super Bowl, check out the hilarious video below. Read more
President Obama Wants to Own a NBA Team
In an interview for GQ with Bill Simmons, President Obama talked about a whole bunch of stuff. Simmons asked the Commander-in-Chief about Derrick Rose and if he would ever throw down some green for an NBA squad. Obama also explained how Michael Jordan’s worst games helped him. From GQ:   Would... Read more
President Obama in a unprecedented move just banned local police from using military vehicles and equipment during riots in light of recent police standoffs with protestors in Ferguson and Baltimore. Via HuffingtonPost In an unexpected move, President Barack Obama on Monday will ban the federal government from providing certain military... Read more
Air Obama’s

Air Obama’s

The FLYR May 8, 2015 0

President Barack Obama is slated to speak at Nike’s campus in Beaverton, Ore. today, and the talk is set to have serious implications in regards to international trade. In a recent press release from Nike, the brand says that Obama is visiting the company to promote the Trade Promotion Authority and... Read more
President Obama on Letterman
President Obama stopped by the Late Showwith David Letterman for his final appearance before the legned retires. POTUS and Dave discussed their plans for retirement. Check out the video below. Answering Dumb Questions: The Real Reason POTUS Came to the show: Read more