Johnny Depp Starring in Biggie & Tupac Murder Mystery
It seems like the only thing Johnny Depp is capable of doing nowadays is making limitless Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and intimidating members of the Australian government over his personal pets. But it turns out that the actor still has a bit of the ol’ quirky Johnny spark... Read more
Boston George Released
“Blow” inspiration George Jung has been released from prison after nearly 20 years behind bars. Jung, portrayed by Johnny Depp in Ted Demme’s 2001 film, is credited with establishing the U.S. cocaine market in the 1970s and ’80s. The drug smuggler was believed to be responsible for nearly 90... Read more
Summer Blockbusters
The upcoming summer has a list of blockbuster movies that are sure to sell out theatres. Everyone from Will Smith (After Earth) to Brad Pitt (World War Z) make their mark on the summer releasing new films. There are alot of superhero sequels making their way to screens including... Read more