Nas x FILA
It’s fairly obvious that just about everybody is excited for next month’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot. In the past few weeks we’ve seen everything from a colette capsule collection to a specially colored Hi-C juice devoted to hyping the film. Now comes a line of sneakers from FILA, designed in... Read more
Nas Talks Ghostbusters and Having Legend Status w/ Complex
It’s been about four years since Nas blessed the world with his last full-length album, Life Is Good. Despite this hiatus, he hasn’t stopped making music and developing new partnerships. The Queens rapper was recently featured on remixes with The Weeknd, Future, French Montana, and Kanye West, and this... Read more
Hi-C Ecto Cooler Returns
Who doesn’t miss the edible film and television tie-ins of elementary school? Long a staple of cafeterias across America, Coca-Cola-owned Hi-C is making a comeback this summer as the Minute Maid imprint resurrects one of its most beloved limited-time offerings: Ecto Cooler. Originally released way back in 1987 and... Read more
All Girl Ghostbuster’s
After months of rumors and positing, the cast of the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters movie is apparently starting to take shape. And the group of actresses that are reportedly set to sign onto Paul Feig​’s (Bridesmaids) reboot is STACKED (and very SNL-heavy.) Kristen Wiig​, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie... Read more