Shaq Goes Undercover As a Lyft Driver
Shaq is a fool and this is straight up hilarious. i could only imagine what I would do if I peeped Shaq was my driver. Probably ask for a small loan of a million dollars. Check out the video and enjoy. Read more
POTUS x Rihanna “Work”
Need something to help you make it through the rest of the week? Here it is. Check out President Obama singing Rihanna’s “work”. Mashups of the coolest president ever is always dope. Read more
“Dear White People” Coming to Netflix
Netflix clearly has no intentions of hitting pause on their recent string of top-shelf originals. The streaming platform announced Thursday it has picked up Dear White People, Justin Simien‘s critically 2014 satirical drama, as an original series. The best part? Simien is on board for all 10 half-hour episodes.... Read more
Miami Heat Spoofed Martin
This is classic. D Wade and the guys redid Martins’ intro and its hilarious. Check out the video below. Read more
Kevin Hart is 1st Actor w/ a Signature Sneaker
Kevin Hart is having a hell of a year and it seems he won’t stop. He is officially the first actor/entertainer to have his own cross trainer, the Nike Hustle Harts, and sported the new design while on Tuesday’s Tonight Show. “I’m all about inspiration and motivation. What I’ve... Read more
Trump vs. Sam L. Jackson
Donald Trump is feuding with so many people these days, it’s difficult even for his opponents to keep track. Samuel L. Jackson, for example, claimed to not know he and Trump had “beef” until his Tuesday night appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Host Seth Meyers brought the... Read more
My Neck, My Back…My Neck and My Back!!!
Everybody and they momma been making a fool of them selves on those hoverboard things, including Mike Tyson. Watch this hilarious video of him almost breaking his back for real this time and click the #MikeTysonBreaksBack hashtag on twitter if you need a pick me up or quick laugh. Read more
DJ Khaled is a Fool on Snapchat
Its midweek and I know its hard to get thru the rest out the week so here’s a little pick me up. Here’s a video of DJ Khaled’s best snapchats. This will help you laugh through the rest of your week. Read more